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Corners Box: For the Love of Edges!

Corner fans, rejoice! We've created the ultimate box just for you – our exclusive Corners Box. This box is a quirky mix of all the best corner pieces, where you get the crunchiest, chewiest, and most delightful bits of our best-selling bakes. From brownies to cookies, blondies, and brookies, each box is a unique surprise!

Why This Box Rocks:

It's all about those edges! If you're the kind who fights for the corner pieces, this is your dream come true.

Get ready for a fun mix. You never know what combination of corners you'll get – but you can bet it's going to be delicious.

Perfect for a cosy night in or sharing with your corner-loving crew.

Fresh and Ready to Munch

Just remember, these treats are best enjoyed fresh. Dive in within four days of delivery to experience them at their crunchiest best. Oh, and heads up – they may contain nuts.

Grab your Corners Box now and embrace the joy of edgy, yummy treats, delivered straight to your door. It's a box full of delightful surprises, perfect for anyone who knows that the corners are where it's at!